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The purpose of SOH is to provide a positive place to share homeschool information, resources, and material, and to support one another in our homeschooling adventures.  Our social, diverse and supportive group is open to all homeschool families regardless of their reason or method of homeschooling.

Membership runs August 1st 2015 - September 1st, 2016 and requires a $20 annual fee and completed membership forms.  We do take a summer break but resume August 25th for the "Not Back to School Party". 

  • SOH Lite - During the school year, all members are invited to several functions including:  Park days, outdoor game days, parties, hikes, and recreation like bowling, rock climbing, ice skating, and classes from teachers like John Jackson of Bugs-R-Us.  We strive to keep these SOH sponsored activities free or low cost. 
  • Not Back To School Party - 2014
  • SUBGROUPS by age - Going beyond SOH Lite, members may choose to participate in SOH's social clubs, where groups come together with their peers. 
    There are four groups based on age: Teens, Pre-Teens, Elementary, and Preschool.   Subgroup members meet regularly and build community amongst the children through sports, recreation, arts & crafts, field trips, and classes. 
    Teen Subgroup

  • SUBGROUPS BY INTEREST - Another type of subgroup allows for children and parents to explore a common interest.  Book clubs, geocaching, LEGOs, American Girl, & several new subgroups will meet regularly through the school year. We encourage members to share their interests with our group by starting a subgroup.Legos Subgroup
  • SUPPORT - Parent meetings and regular parent interaction provides a valuable social network and homeschool resource for parents.  Our members each homeschool in their own way which provides for a lot of creative solutions and ideas to draw from.  We emphasize small group development to help build family friends and strong relationships within our membership.SOH is social!!!
(Last updated August 17th, 2015.)