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The purpose of SOH is to provide a positive place to share homeschool information, resources, and material, and to support one another in our homeschooling adventures.  Our social, diverse and supportive group is open to all homeschool families regardless of their reason or method of homeschooling.

Membership runs July 1st - June 30th and requires a $35 annual fee per family and completed membership form.  Members and their children are expected to participate in a minimum of 2 group activities for the year and to assist with at least 1 activity per year.

In the Summer we open our group to all homeschoolers who want to join us for park days.  This is a great way to test out SOH prior to joining. Please contact us for a park schedule.

  • CLUBS - We have several clubs to join, and we're always open to more ideas...teens, tweens, geocaching, bookclub, &  FIAR Literature Group.

  • FIELD TRIPS - understanding the world around us with hands-on, behind the scenes exploration and adventures.  SOH field trips include outings to civic buildings, natural settings, historic sites, & local businesses and manufacturers. In 2013-14 we toured nearly 50 venues!

  • PARTIES & PERFORMANCES - Fall Festival, Winter Holiday Party, Valentine's Swim, Talent Show, and End of Year Party.

  • CLASSES - We feature classes by Bugs-R-Us, and member-lead classes in the arts, sciences, and story-telling.  This year we are introducing 8 week co-op classes in a variety of subjects.

  • SUPPORT - Parent meetings provide a homeschooling support group and social time for parents.  Our members each homeschool in their own way which provides for a lot of creative solutions and ideas to draw from.  We emphasize small group development to help build family friends and strong relationships within our membership.