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Illustration, Web Design, and Photo Services

Digital to print, Bridge Over Brook visualizes your scientific content.

  • medical illustration - With backgrounds in biology, anatomy, pharmacology, and visual arts Bridge Over Brook can illustrate your medical and scientific concepts. From micro to macro - our expertise is turning a complex concept into visual clarity.
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  • web development - While many websites overwhelm users with choices and technology, accessible design standards use minimal streamlined technology. By implementing cascading style sheets, sites are accessible to the greatest number of browsers and assistive technologies. With ten year's experience designing for industry and non-profit, we can enhance your users experience.
    The Redwoods Group   *   dalton and associates   *   Christ Lutheran Church
  • marketing visuals - Maximize visual thinking for sales and marketing professionals. We cover a broad range of visual tools for strategic thinking, planning, communication and problem solving. We can quickly and accurately put science and statistics together in effective charts, graphs, and models.
    The Redwoods Group   *   dalton and associates   *   Christ Lutheran Church
  • graphic design - Our designs strive to simplify your message with elegant visual images. From complex scientific concepts to simple T-shirt designs we can produce visuals to meet your need and convey your intent.
    Enterprise Biologicals Manager   *   Herban Planet   *   Book Jacket
  • photo/manipulation - Enjoy a different view of the world - photographed with an artistic eye, a story tellers sense of staging, and a love of the aesthetic world. Then go beyond the photograph to a world of infinite possibilities. Extend imagination, illuminate the invisible, expand the viewers sense of wonder and perfect the message with gorgeous clarity. Using the best of computer photo manipulation tools, we can reinvent the world around us.
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  • curriculum design - Teaching is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs. Society has become accustomed to highly visual stimuli from entertainment and computer screens and expect our learning materials to entertain and dazzle our visual senses too. Bridge Over Brook can create curriculum for your students. Engaging for any age, our curricula will be simple, well diagrammed and entertaining too. If you need to teach or present, let us assist you in preparing your PowerPoint, handouts, games, and posters.